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Written by Administrator on Tuesday April 24, 2018

Let us help you with your Use Case.  It is a must BEFORE you embark on an IoT or blockchain implementation.  Know the actors and events for your project.  

Successful IoT programs had a clear message:  Spend time on your USE CASE before coding.

The Internet of Things World conference continues to grow as excitement and hype surrounding IoT continues unabated.  IoT World is one of the world’s largest IoT events with over 12,000 attendees in 2017.  This year, the exhibitor space at the Santa Clara Convention Center was nearly filled out indicating a notable growth spurt from 2017 thanks to a large showing of Blockchain vendors.

The show demonstrated that the IoT market is continuing to mature; although, nearly every keynote mentioned something about POC (proof-of-concept) purgatory, or that there is greater than an 80% failure rate for companies taking on digital transformation or IoT initiatives.  The companies that were having success with their IoT programs had a clear message, “Get the end-user involved!” or as I like to say borrowing from Steven Covey, “Begin with the end in mind.”   Starting with the end user or stakeholder gives the developer a better chance of solving a problem and getting the IoT solution successfully implemented and delivering real business value.   I distilled my experience at the show to six key takeaways presented below.