Internet of Things (IoT)

Written by Administrator on Sunday April 1, 2018

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been in use and is evolving quickly as the term and the idea becomes overloaded with a broadening set of technologies and expansion into the consumer applications space such as smart home, smart car, and smart cities.

Those working in the world of Industrial IoT the idea of connecting devices that have sensors and some degree of onboard intelligence has been around for quite some time.  In particular, the energy industry has been leading the charge with some of the most remote, constrained use cases imaginable.

There is still a communications gap in the IoT.  5G implementation is still a way off.  Wi-Fi is great for the home or office but has its limitations elsewhere, and cellular is still fairly expensive, especially if you need any bandwidth to speak of.  Enter LPWAN such as LoRa, SigFox NB-IoT, and private networks.  NB-IoT is being driven by China and is heavily promoted globally by Huawei.  Some speakers seemed to discount the prospects of NBIoT even though it appears to have a significant number of working installations around the world.  Success in China is a pretty good market, and if the experience is a good one you will likely see NB-IoT roll out world-wide as an LPWAN choice.