Blockchain Implementations & Token Creation

Written by Administrator on Friday October 27, 2017

Blockchain Technologies 

One of the government's most important functions is managing its citizens' most personal and private information -- everything from birth certificates to real estate transactions to educational records to wills and more.  Keeping this data safe is vitally important, and blockchain is poised to help the government manage data more effectively, quickly and securely.

Blockchain technology is making headlines due to its potential impact across industries. For the unfamiliar, blockchain is an online, real-time ledger of (financial transactions, contracts, assets, supply-chain information, etc.). No one person oversees the entire chain; everyone can see the detail of each record or ‘block,’ and the only person who can edit a block is the one who ‘owns it’ and has a private key. This technology offers a robust approach to data security and reducing transaction costs, which are just some of the reasons the global blockchain market is expected to surpass $20Bilion by 2024.